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Special care cats

The nature of the work we do here and the character of the care we provide have changed gradually over the last ten years.  We see more elderly cats now plus a significant number whose health – and sometimes survival – depend on the special diets and drugs prescribed by their vets. 

Our task while your cat is with us is to continue accurately and without interruption the regime required by your vet.  This may involve special foods and food additives or the administration of tablets and liquids.  Or at its simplest levels we will provide extra cuddles for a nervous cat or additional heating for the elderly mog who spends most of his time next to the radiator when he is at home.  

We make small charges for some of these services.  You’ll find them mentioned in the Boarding Fees  section above


We can provide on request a convalescent service for cats recovering from surgery following perhaps a road accident or some other incident. We have two special care/ holding pens each measuring 5’4”w x 3’8”d x 3’0”h. These pens allow reasonable movement while deliberately restricting height to 3’. This, plus the removal of any items such as platformed scratching posts, prevents injured cats from jumping: a necessary precaution for leg and pelvic injuries.

These pens are supplied with low level sleeping boxes lined with thick, comfortable fleeces and litter trays – once again with low-level entry. We maintain these pens at a higher than usual ambient temperature as a matter of course. We visit them regularly and more often than the rest of the cattery, for obvious reasons.

There is a special, all-inclusive rate for occupancy of these units. It amounts to twice the amount of our standard boarding fee. You will find that this compares extremely favourably with what the average vet might charge. You and we will need to discuss whether or not what we provide is suitable for your cat in each particular case. We are not setting out to do what should properly be done by a vet: merely that which is within our competence and experience.