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Booking Process

Please complete the on-line booking form below. If the dates you need fall during a peak time it may be advisable to check availability with us first by telephone.


Of course you are welcome to come and see our cattery before you commit. Casual callers and cattery routines do not mix easily though and you will need to call us to make an appointment.

Deliveries and Collections

Whether you are bringing your cat to us or collecting him or her you’ll need to agree a time with us. Our booking form requires specific times for both. But we’re open from 0730 to 1800 from Monday to Saturday (inc.). Remember we don’t open on Sundays. So you make your own appointment in effect. You choose the day and you pick your own specific time .Bookings without specific times will not be accepted. We’ll email our confirmation to you.

Booking Form

Owner's Full Name: Cat's Name              Male/Female
Owner's Full Address:  
Home Tel. No. Email Address:
Emergency Contact Name & Number including International dialling code
Accommodation Required From (Date): * Time of Arrival?
Open Calendar
Accommodation Required To (Date): * Time of Collection
Open Calendar
* Essential information: bookings without specific times will be refused
What food does your cat usually eat?  
Vets' Name and Contact Details - Address & Contact Number:


If your cat being given tablets/capsules as part of a treatment regime:

How many tablets/capsules per day does your cat receive?

If your cat needs a special food additive:

How many times per day?

Please do not try to enter dosage levels and/or timings here. We will discuss these with you in detail at a later date.

Terms & Conditions :

I agree that If in the opinion of Bushey Cattery my cat needs veterinary examination and/or treatment he or she may be taken to a Vet and that Bushey Cattery may authorise treatment on my behalf. I understand that Bushey Cattery will pay the Vets’ bill in the first instance. I undertake to reimburse them on my return. (Please check box)