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The Rules

They are very few. Please take a moment to read them.

  1. All cats boarded must have a current certificate of vaccination for feline enteritis and cat ’flu at the very least. These certificates must be lodged with us for the duration of your cat’s stay.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any cat which is in our opinion suffering from an infection or seems otherwise unwell.
  3. No un-neutered male cats or unspayed female cats over 6 months old will be admitted.
  4. Pre-teenage children are not permitted access to the cattery unit.
  5. Owners must make us aware of any and all current illnesses, medical conditions and injuries affecting their cat(s) when delivering their cats.
  6. We provide bed boxes and comfortable fleeces within our pens. No additional or alternative beds and/or bedding will be allowed.
  7. A few (hard surface only) toys will be allowed. No soft toys please.
  8. Owners are expected to have examined their cat(s) for fleas before bringing them to us. We strongly recommend monthly treatment.
  9. It is the owner’s responsibility to recover toys, medicines, the remainder of diet food and vaccination certificates from us at departure time.
  10. We cannot accept debit or credit cards. Cash or cheque please.
  11. We never open on Sundays.